Understanding Alfresco Meta Database Structure

Alfresco is a well-designed open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. The initial release of Alfresco was in 2005. Comparing IBM FileNet (1980s), Oracle WebCenter Content (1980s, Stellent UCM), OpenText (1990s) and Documentum (1990s, Acquired by OpenText in 2016), Alfresco is quite new, which allows Alfresco build on completely new technology stacks. There’s no doubt that Alfresco is one of the best designed ECM system from architecture, performance and Web UI perspectives.

Alfresco is designed to run on Alfresco Application Server, as a series web applications, including alfresco.war, share.war, solr.war. Alfresco.war provides the platform services to mobile access (through REST APIs). Share.war offers Web UI...

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Building a Content-as-a-Service Platform using Alfresco and Crafter

Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a service-oriented mode, where service provider provides content on demand to the content consumer as a service which is licensed under subscription. Many research institutions adopt this mode to provide services on line, such as Gartner, Forrester and Infotech, etc.

The core digital assets are stored in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. ECM manages the authoring, versioning, approval workflow, archiving and content retention policies, etc. Web Content Management (WCM) / Content Management System (CMS) is in charge of presenting these content on line.

In previous career life, I experienced multiple combinations between ECM and WCM in different organizations...

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Troubleshooting in Ellucian Banner 9 Upgrade

What’s the mostly used suggestion by Ellucian Support when you looked for help? Based on my experience, the answer is always “to upgrade to the latest version with all prerequisites”. That’s the answer with which I never satisfied since I believe it’s an excuse for incapability. Am I correct? The answer is yes till I experienced the GJAPCTL report issue on Banner 9.

In Banner 9 environment, I tried to run GJAPCTL report, for instance NBRPOSN, but unfortunately I got “ERROR” There is no saved output for the Process Name/Number in the database.

There was no report output file nbrposn*.lis generated on BANJOBS home directory. The log file was created with error message below:

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