Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal is a secure unified access point that integrates people, process and information all together, often in the form of web-based application, and are designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific modules.

The data of a portal application can be stored in and exchange with backend databases, content repositories, other applications, web services or other sources. There are many ways to interact with all these data sources, through Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), or direct access to content repositories (e.g., RIDC interface to Oracle UCM repository), or consume data through producer-consumer mechanism (e.g., consume a portlet in a portal application), etc.

Usually web services consist of two major approaches, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST services. SOAP is based on standard communication protocols for XML-based message exchange, mainly using WSDL (Web Services Description Language). The transport protocols of SOAP are like HTTP or SMTP. REST service is stateless and can be used for CRUD operation.

With the adoption of web services and XML as information exchange standard, all different kinds of applications and data can be integrated together, to provide more advanced services through enterprise portal interface. It’s easy to integrate marshup, blogs, discussion, content data and portlet, etc. all together in one portal page.

A common enterprise portal application utilizes web components from JavaServer Faces (e.g., Oracle ADF, ICEsoft ICEfaces and other Ajax-enabled frameworks) to produce user interface, the data comes from web services, content repositories or other sources.

With many years working experience at Oracle WebCenter team, we specialize in Oracle WebCenter Portal consulting, installation, architecture, implementation and integration.

Lionsgate Software brings years of experiences to help you on analysis, architectural design and implementation of your enterprise portal application, tailored as your way.

Here are part of enterprise portal projects that were achieved or conducted by us:

OH, USEnterprise portal architectural design and content integration consultingSmucker
OR, USObamaCare, ORHIX large scale ADF enterprise portal implementationCoverOregon
OR, USContent integration between portal and Oracle UCMCoverOregon
CA, USConvert legacy desktop welfare project to web-based ADF applicationCalWIN
BC, CAWebCenter Portal installation and configuration; Portal and Portlet integrationBC NRS
CA, USWeb portal performance tuningAgilent

Lionsgate Software is mainly focusing on Java platform and relevant portal frameworks, including:java

  • Oracle WebCenter Framework
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Oracle ADF
  • J2EE / J2SE
  • JavaServer Faces
  • ICESoft ICEfaces
  • Spring Framework


  • JDeveloper 12c / WebCenter Extension for JDeveloper 12c
  • SoupUI
  • Eclipse Luna
  • NetBeans 8

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