Data Modeling

Lionsgate Software has earned extensive experiences on numerous data architectural design and data modeling projects in many years practices. Our consultants achieved both logical and physical data modeling for 10+ large projects, each has more than 3 modules, one of them contains 6 modules with 600+ tables.

Our 48-page thesis on how to build a database-driven web application discussed how to build a structured, large scale and portable system.

We do both relational and spatial (ESRI ArcGIS-based) data architectural design.da2

Our toolbox includes tools like CA ERWin, MS Visio (with ESRI spatial extension) and Visual Paradigm, etc. With these tools and our rich experiences, we may implement either ER diagram or UML diagram, based on the specific project needs. In short, in data architectural design area, we do:

  • Conceptual, logical and physical data modeling;
  • Relational and spatial (ESRI ArcGIS-based) data modeling;
  • Database-driven application architectural design;
  • ER diagram or UML diagram;
  • ERD-UML two-way conversion (to gain benefits from OOD).

We have proven track records in this field, with a long list of renowned clients in both public and private sectors. We clearly know how to help our client design a database schema that lasts for years with below features:

  • Modular-based, well-structured;
  • Naming-convention applied;
  • Well design to avoid performance bottleneck for BI;
  • Transaction tracking design;
  • Easy to understand and manage (privileges, changes, etc).

Here are some of data architectural design and data modeling projects that were achieved by us:

LocationProject / ModuleToolDiagramClient
BC, CAEPIC (Energy Planning Info Central)VP SDEUMLBCHydro
BC, CAMMR - Materials Management Reporting, Data WarehouseVP SDEUMLBCHydro
AB, CASIS (Silviculture Information System) ERWinERDAP
AB, CAOPS (Operation Planning System)ERWinERDAlpac
BC, CABlock, Road, SilvicultureVisio*UMLMoF
BC, CABlock, Road, PlanningVisio*UMLWFM
AB, CASilviculture, Planning, Scheduling, Block, Road, SurveyVisio*UMLAlpac
ON, CABlock, Road, Silviculture, Visio*UMLTembec
WA, USBlock, RoadVisio*UMLRayonier
BC, CABlock, Road, SilvicultureVisio*UMLCL
BC, CASIS (Silviculture Information System)ERWinERDBRL
MB, CABlock, Road, SilvicultureVisio*UMLProv. MB
Note: Visio* - MS Visio with ESRI plugin in order to generate both tabular and spatial database schemas

  • ERWin
  • Visio (with ESRI ArcGIS modeling plugin or forward engineering plugin)
  • Visual Paradigm (Eclipse plugin)


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