LiveSync Solutions

    Cross Platform Data Integration Solution

    LiveSync Automation provides cross platform, cross database data integration solution, runs on application server, with intuitive web-based responsive dashboard;

    High Availability Data Synchronization Solution

    The advanced clustering architecture of LiveSync Automation allows 24*7 ‘Always-on’ high availability for the critical data synchronization requirements of your enterprise application;

    High Performance Data Synchronization Solution

    LiveSync Automation built-in multi-threading and batch processing offers superior high performance for near real-time data synchronization;

    Complex Data Synchronization Solution

    The flexible architecture of LiveSync Automation supports most complex data synchronization requirements through well-defined XML job file.

    Cross Platform
    Runs on most Operating Systems, Cross Databases. Web Dashboard runs on browsers from desktop to mobile devices;
    Clustering Architecture
    Supports two or more nodes running simultaneously, offers 24/7 Always-on high availability;
    Provides high performance on extracting, ingestion and transfers data, improves performance 90% than before;
    Batch Processing
    Provides high performance on loading data, improves loading performance 75%;
    Responsive Web Dashboard
    Responsive Web Dashboard runs on desktop and mobile devices, allows you manage and monitor Jobs, Nodes, Transaction Statistics at any time;
    Job Wizard
    Makes Job configuration simple and straightforward. Generated Job file will be submitted to LiveSync Cron DB;
    Dynamic Job Management
    User may adjust Job interval or update Job flow at any time. New Job file will override existing one dynamically;
    Centralized Job Management
    All Job Files generated by Job Wizard can be uploaded to LiveSync Cron DB or a centralized network drive. LiveSync Automation read and create Job classes based on these files and JobFactory;
    Schema Mapping
    LiveSync Automation utilizes schema mapping to perform data synchronization between source and target data stores, even the table names or structures are not fully identical;
    Breakpoints Recovery
    LiveSync Automation uses Audit Queue as the buffer for data recovery in case any breakpoints during data synchronization process;
    Lazy Fetch
    LiveSync Automation fetch data based on dynamically adjustable intervals to minimize the performance impact to source database;
    Dynamic Configurable
    LiveSync Automation implemented Database-driven Web Framework, which makes customization easier and faster;
    Dynamic Extension
    LiveSync Automation allows dynamic extension of tree view node and detail pane tables. This improves its capabilities to meet clients’ needs.