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LiveSync Automation optimizes and automates your database synchronization workloads in today's high volume, hybrid and heterogeneous environments - no matter small or large, simple or complex, on-premises or in the Cloud. Its near real-time data synchronization features capture and replicate source data changes in target data stores. Its multi-threading high performance and multi-node clustering architecture guarantee your business continuity and complex processes complete on time, in a reliable, accurate and measurable fashion.

Data synchronization jobs can be scheduled periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals. The pre-set schedule can also be reset on the fly.

LiveSync Automation offers best-of-class data synchronization technology for your enterprise needs:
  • Compress time with automation that delivers scalability, performance and agility
  • Improve data refreshing frequence and IT resource utilization with real-time and event-driven automation
  • Enterprise-level clustering technology allows high availability and always-on for your mission-critical workloads
  • Multi-threading data ingestion offers large throughput for bulk data loading
  • Agile job configuration simplifies the way you create and control data synchronization jobs


LiveSync Automation is written in Java and runs in application server container such as JBoss EAP or WildFly (JBoss AS). It's a truly cross-platform data synchronization automation tool that works well under Windows, Unix or Linux environment. It's based on open standards, such as JDBC and XML, which allows it perform data synchronization automation cross different databases. LiveSync Automation Dashboard is based on responsive web framework, so you may use it through your desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

High Performance

LiveSync Automation provides outstanding high throughput during bulk data loading. Multi-threading reading and batch processing writing allows 40x faster high performance than other regular tools. This is especially important for those organizations which need to complete large data synchronization on tight daily time slots.

High Availability

LiveSync Automation offers 'Always-on', 'Non-stop' features through its clustering architecture. Two or more LiveSync Automation nodes may run simultaneously and watch each other for failover. Cache mechanism provides break-point protection to avoid data loss. The advanced architecture design ensures your business continuity 24/7 and unparalleled peace of mind.


LiveSync Automation utilizes structured XML and SQL as its job description language. It's intuitive and logical, yet powerful. With near zero learning curve, anyone may start working on it right away. The elegant design allows you handle complex business logic easily, within or cross databases during data synchronization process. Its centralized dynamic job management synchronizes the changes of job file, database image and job class transparently.

Dynamic Extension

LiveSync Automation adopts advanced database-driven design in order to offer a truly dynamic web application framework. Based on this framework, we will listen to your business requirements, customize it and deliver it in timely fashion.

Desktop Operation System

Microsoft Windows Server; Linux; Unix

Application Server

JBoss EAP 7.0.0+; WildFly 10.1+


Chrome; Firefox; Internet Explorer IE 9.x+

LiveSync Automation Supported Database

PostgreSQL; MySQL; Oracle; MS SQL Server; Sybase; Informix

LiveSync Automation Service Repository

PostgreSQL; MySQL; Oracle; MS SQL Server; IBM DB2 v72, v8, v95; Informix; Sybase; Cloudspace; Cubrid; Derby; Firebird; H2; HSQLDB; PointBase; SAPDB; Solid

Mobile OS

Apple iOS; Android
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