Link Management Solution

Link Management Solution is an enterprise level site integration solution that maintains bookmark links for thousands of users and supports automatic redirection transparently.

This solution consists of two components:lm3

  • PageRedirector
  • LinkManager

PageRedirector runs on web server as a Servlet, captures 404 error and perform page redirection.

LinkManager provides data for LinkMap database, performs ETL and maintains data quality, supports long term and incremental site migration plan.

Link Management Solution features and business benefits:

  • Seamless site integration supports painless site migration
  • Legacy bookmark friendly, automatic redirection transparently
  • Cross platform, supports all major databases
  • Scalable, high performance and high volume
  • Well-defined workflow supports incremental or bulk site migration
  • Friendly admin GUI, Fully configurable, supports customized error page


  • Eclipse Luna
  • J2EE / J2SE

Link Management Solution may maintain users’ existing bookmarks, build seamlessly integration between legacy site and new one, and support incremental site migration. Please let us know your site migration requirements, and start saving on your IT costs today.contactus4