WebCenter Content Integration

WebCenter Content Integration Solution offers a RIDC-based, configurable code framework to integrate Oracle WebCenter Content with your portal application. It helps your portal users access content from WebCenter Content repository easily.

There are two major approaches to integrate WebCenter Content and portal application:

  • RIDC (Remote IntroDoc Client) API: Flexible, but with steep learning curve
  • Content Taskflow Shared Library: Out-of-the-box, hard for customization

WebCenter Content Integration Solution business benefits:

  • Enables portal business users use content from content repository
  • Overcomes steep learning curve, saves time and reduces development cost
  • Supports customization and deep integration with portal application
  • Offers maximum flexibility

WebCenter Content Integration Solution features:ridc2

  • Repository¬†Connection Component
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • File retrieve
  • File upload / download
  • Image file ingestion
  • Image attributes¬†ingestion
  • Rendition information ingestion


  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • JDeveloper 12c / WebCenter Extension for JDeveloper 12c
  • Eclipse Luna

Lionsgate Software’s WebCenter Content Integration Solution helps enterprise to integration Oracle WebCenter Content with portal application easier and quicker. Please let us know your content and portal integration needs, and start saving on your IT costs.contactus4