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    Enterprises tend to be heterogeneous environments. They are composed of many different systems, each with their own data structures and requirements. This disparate structure creates complications as each component calls for its own complex data mappings, formatting, calculations, and aggregations. Additionally, real-time data synchronization, a growing trend in enterprise data exchange and Software- as-a-Service (SaaS) integration, is difficult to implement with large volumes of data and limited time frame. Legacy OLTP to data warehouse ETL tools are pricy and hard to use.
    LiveSync Automation is a cross-platform, high performance enterprise database synchronization platform, which offers near real-time initial and incremental database synchronization automation, cron job scheduler, enterprise-level high availability clustering and multi-threading large throughput capabilities.
    LiveSync Automation runs in J2EE container and supports JDBC standards, cross-platform and databases. LiveSync Automation provides dynamic and centralized job management, responsive web dashboard, which allows you re-schedule your jobs at any time and from anywhere.
    LiveSync Automation's advanced dynamic extensive framework allows quick customization and delivery to meet your specific day-to-day business needs.
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    LiveSync Automation is written in Java and runs in application server container such as JBoss EAP or WildFly (JBoss AS). It's a truly cross-platform database synchronization automation tool that works well under Windows, Unix or Linux environment. It supports open standards, such as JDBC and XML, which allows it perform data synchronization automation cross different databases. LiveSync Automation Dashboard is based on responsive web framework, so you may use it through your desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

    High Performance

    LiveSync Automation provides outstanding high throughput during bulk data loading. Multi-threading reading and batch processing writing allows 40x faster high performance than usual. This is especially important for organizations which need complete large data synchronization work load within limited time frames.

    High Availability

    LiveSync Automation is built on clustering architecture, it offers Always-on / Non-stop capabilities for both initial and incremental data synchronization. Two or more LiveSync Automation nodes run simultaneously and watch each other for failover. Cache mechanism provides break-point protection to avoid data loss. The advanced architecture design ensures your business continuity 24/7 and unparalleled peace of mind.

    High Usability

    LiveSync Automation utilizes intuitive Job Configuration Wizard to help you create structured job description file. It's straightforward, logical, yet powerful. With near zero learning curve, anyone who knows XML and SQL may start working on it right away. The elegant design allows you handle complex business logic easily, within or cross databases during data synchronization process. Its centralized dynamic job management help you adjust jobs at any time, dynamically. Responsive Web Dashboard makes job management, monitoring and transaction check easy and available at anytime from any platforms.

    Dynamic Extension

    LiveSync Automation adopts Advanced Extension Framework design in order to offer a truly dynamic web application framework. Based on this framework, we are able to customize and deliver it in timely fashion and save your cost.
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    Initial / Bulk Data Loading

    Cross-database high performance bulk data loading based on multi-threading and batch processing, complete 1 million records loading within a few minutes;

    Incremental Database Synchronization

    Cross-database incremental data synchronization, supported by clustering architecture, non-stop;

    Single Table Synchronization

    Near real-time advanced CDC (Capture Data Changes) technology supports no-PK legacy table, handle complex data transformation logic;

    Full Database Synchronization

    Near real-time data synchronization, only one audit table and lazy fetch design minimizes impacts to source database; Source-target mapping allows database optimization and transformation during synchronization;

    Responsive Web Dashboard

    Allows monitor, re-schedule and analyze data synchronization jobs and status at anytime from anywhere;

    Intuitive Job Configuration Wizard

    Web-based, highly intuitive Job Configuration Wizard allows you config Jobs with nearly zero learning curve;

    Transaction Statistics

    Granularity by day, self-defined, dynamic configurable reports for transaction statistics.
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