IT Operational Intelligence

In datacenter environment, IT operational management becomes a challenge. IT infrastructure team is facing increasing servers, storage, networks and security appliances, and constantly generated syslogs, event logs from these servers and devices.

Splunk provides enterprise operational intelligence management to analyze and visualize syslogs and event logs, helps on security monitoring.

Lionsgate Software helped our client on Splunk Enterprise solution design. Our solution focuses on:

  • Splunk Enterprise Strategy and Roadmapsplunk
  • Proposed Splunk Architecture Design
  • Splunk Enterprise Architecture
  • Splunk Apps & Add-ons
  • Splunk Capacity Planning
  • Splunk Performance
  • Splunk Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery

Here are part of Splunk enterprise projects that were achieved by us:

BC, CASplunk Enterprise Solution Design (Doc: 90pp; PPT: 24pp) CCS
BC, CASplunk Enterprise Strategies and Roadmap (Doc: 15pp; PPT: 15pp)CCS

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