IT Audit

Lionsgate Software’s IT Audit services provides a cost-effective means of independently assuring that business understand the risks they face, and that they have effective controls in place across their IT organization to mitigate these risks.InternalAuditPhases2

  • IT Internal Audit Needs Assessment
  • IT Performance Review
  • Business Systems Controls
  • IT General Controls Assessment

IT Internal Audit Needs Assessment: Our risk assessment methodology enables us to obtain a detailed understanding of IT risks facing the business, which supports the development of effective IT audit plans.

IT Performance Review: Our approach is designed to help clients assess IT performance in selected areas or across the enterprise, so they can strike the right balance between business needs and IT resources.

Business Systems Controls: A structured approach to assessing, designing, and implementing the processes and controls related to existing or new business software applications.

IT General Controls Assessment: Assesses the technology risks facing your organization and whether existing controls are sufficient to address those risks.

There are four types of enterprise architecture domains:ea_domains3

Our advantage is we are very familiar with data architecture, application architecture and technology architecture domains.

When we do IT audit, our approach is to understand your business architecture first, then combine our knowledge with the rest domains, to help you to make right decision, reduce the cost, mitigate the risks on data architecture, application architecture, technology architecture and project management.

Here are part of IT Audit projects that were achieved by us:

BC, CAPoint Grey Research SQL Server performance auditing. Found the performance issues from 1.3+M records.PGR
CA, performance tuning. Agilent WebCenter Portal Application Loading Test Report (Doc: 16pp). Improved page loading time from 30+ seconds to 4 seconds.Agilent
CA, USAgilent WebCenter Portal Application Memory Usage Analysis v3 (Doc: 13pp).Agilent
CA, USAgilent Servlet Code View for Performance Analysis. Addressed significant database pool re-connection code issue.Agilent
AB, CAEnbridge SWIFTLINK Application Security Code Review Report (Doc: 17pp; PPT: 13pp).Enbridge

Lionsgate Software has been helping our clients for over decades. Please let us know your IT audit needs, we may help. Start saving on your IT costs today.contactus4