Case Study: Integrating Kofax and Oracle WebCenter Content

Prerequisites: Oracle WebCenter Content, UCM, Kofax Capture

One of my public sector clients has to handle millions of images due to the nature of its business. Previously my client stored images in file system and used file paths in Oracle database to point to file system. They had to hire a team to handle scanning, verification, categorization and data entry work etc., which brought heavy work load and couldn’t avoid inaccuracies.Kofax2WCC2

Recently, as part of their digital strategies, the client decided to integrate Kofax Capture and Oracle WebCenter Content together in order to automate their business processes. The goal is to get images into Oracle WebCenter Content from Kofax Capture directly right after scanning. The business benefits are obvious since utilizing ECM makes content access, sharing, versioning, workflow and retention a lot easier.

Assume we have Oracle WebCenter Content installed on a server, and have Kofax Capture standalone or server installed on another server. In order to integrate Kofax and Oracle WebCenter Content together, we need install Kofax Capture Export Connector on Kofax Capture standalone or server machine. This connector is available for downloading from Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly UCM) component list in OTN. Please note, the version of the connector has to match the version of Oracle WebCenter Content strictly.Kofax

After the installation, we get two published batches in Kofax Capture KofaxCaptureAdministration: ScansForOracleUCM and ScansForOracleUCMParameters. Right click ScannedDocsForOracleUCM, click on Export Connector…menuitem, go through the setup wizard, fill in Oracle WebCenter Content URL correctly, usually it should look like: http://mywcc:16200/cs/idcplg.

Once we complete the setup, we may try it out, scan some document and verify whether the scanned image goes into Oracle WebCenter Content.

What Kofax Connector does is to take the parameters in Setup wizard, do a content check-in to Oracle WebCenter Content directly. Please refer to following links to learn more about WebCenter Content check-in:

Custom fields may also be set in Kofax Capture setup wizard. Mapping metadata fields need to be created in Oracle WebCenter Content accordingly in order to accommodate custom data values from Kofax Capture. This helps to further classify scanned content.

Should you have any questions regarding the Kofax and Oracle WebCenter Content integration, or Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content integration, please contact us.