Case Study: Link Management for WCM Implementation

Our utility client has a large site with numerous sub-sites that need to be migrated to a new million dollars WCM (Web Content Management) based system. The new site is based on Adobe CQ* which is a neat WCM system.

The problem is the migration can’t be done in one day. In a large organization, the way it works is to migrate sub-sites one by one. The procedure can take a few months or longer. So we need to bridge the legacy site and new one to help on seamless migration. When user accesses the site, user may access the bookmarks or favorite links that they stored in their browsers. Those bookmarks still point to legacy sites even there are newly migrated sites available. What we need do is to find the match in between and redirect the legacy URLs to the new one running on new WCM system.

We built a Servlet on server side and resolved this issue smoothly. Now thousands of users are accessing the site smoothly. Due to the huge success on client’s intranet, this solution was applied to the public-facing site later on. Now let’s have a quick look at the solution in below slides:

*Adobe acquired Day Software in 2010 and renamed Day Communique as Adobe CQ.